Why web security is important

Internet users

Every day millions of people use the Internet for social media, banks, shops. Websites collect confidential data about user’s that including name, location, email, credit card number. No one wants his data falling into the wrong hands because of hacking or a leak.

Any Internet user interested in secure of websites which he relies on.

Internet user

Software Developers

Software developers

If a developer is not literate in web security, then he will write a vulnerable code and makes mistakes that allow an attack.

A developer with expertise in web security will always be more attractive for employer. Any employer is interested in ensuring that developers make no critical mistake due to which the project may suffer serious losses.


Business operates huge finance. Clients input theirs credit cards and bye paid content. Websites keep users personal information about their location, sex, age. If this data gets into the network, it will be a big damage to the company's reputation. Such an incident occurred to the company Linkedin.

If you have SaaS-project, for example, where product allows for NPS- survey among users from other web-sites, at any moments can come a big customer with product safety requirements.


Government Security

Government agencies

Government agencies pay maximum attention to security of projects, as the risks are high. The damage that an attacker can inflict within a State is immeasurable.

Most countries prepare and support cyber-military for the purpose of espionage and attacks. One of the most famous Stuxnet viruses probably was directed against Iran's nuclear project.

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